November 2, 2011

Here we go boys and girls. Barely even noticed the nice weather and it’s suddenly gone – faster then money from faulty trust funds. While brown leafes are falling and nips are nipping, miniskirts are slowly disappearing from our streets and get replaced by unshapely jackets, which make our search for the ultimate catch all the more difficult. So much, in fact, that it’s been a long time, since we actualy found anything doable. Eventualy we went for a desperate search with one goal only – to find some pretty girl, hump her so hard, that no one else will ever be good enough for her and release her back to streets. And we succeeded! Our sences, trained by years of experience, felt mystic vibrations, that led us to some chick, who couldn’t find a way to her sisters house. As proper gentlemans, we offered our help. Right after she sat down, we went to interview her – couldn’t even wait a few minutes – that’s how horny I was. It was clear, girl got stumped by this approach, But believe it or not, it often pays off. All you do is shock the girl (mentaly, not by teaser ) and before she even realize what is happening, she’s already spreading her pretty legs for you. Veronica is 22 years old, she works in fast-food, likes gentle sex, oral and she realy, but realy didn’t want to show us her boobies. Not even one! Talk about skimpy… I will admit – it’s been a while since I had to work so hard to get laid. Fact I got laid should be clear – otherwise there would be no movie here. Hard work, but result was worth it – have fun!
Bitch Stop - Veronika