November 2, 2011

Guys, why lie to ourself – summer is awsome! Pretty young girls appear on the streets, wearing miniskirts that reveal every interested man, what he can expect in night. public pickups videos It’s not winter terror, when you just don’t know, what you’ll unpack from all those layers of jackets. It often carries a nasty surprise. That’s why I like summer so much. I went with my friends to bathing pool, but it sucked. No pretty chicks to look at all. After a while we decided to return to friends fuckmobile (if Batman can have his Batmobile, then he can have Fuckmobile), buy some beer and cool off at his back garden. Our plans got interrupted, when we noticed a lonely woman on nearby bus station. Believe it or not, but these waiting girls are often easy prey. And why not, right? They’ll get more than one free ride afterall :o ) I convinced her to join us even though I used unusual way to introduce myself (stealing her purse sure is an odd way to break ice). Promising her party at pool helped (though that pool is just a small inflatable kiddie thing – no need to bother her with all details). She was quite nervous at first, which came as no surprise. Afterall, she just entered a car with three horny dudes. To be honest, I think she had to know what comes next, because I can’t imagine a woman, that would risk something like that otherwise. She introdused herself as Verca. Pretty name. Pretty pair of legs on her too. I couldn’t wait for her to spread them up for me. She admitted she likes sex (who doesn’t, right?) and since she had no boyfriend at the time, it was pretty easy to get her out of her shorts. Though I had to haggle for it first (had to show her something in return for her showing me her boobs). After that, it went smoothly. Girl obviously needed it and we had quite some fun. Enjoy our movie!
Bitch Stop - Verca