November 2, 2011

Although it is severe cold, we found one girl near Velvary. She was standing on the bus stop, we were coming near. We didn’t need to cajole her. She wanted to go to Velvary. During the introducing she told us that her name is Tyna, she was 18 years old. She is an operator. She was leaving her job at the moment. Camera wasn’t problem for Tina. It was a strange situation for her. I explained her that we have a new camera and we want to learn how to record. It’s clear that I tried to find her inhibitions. Tyna is very pretty girl. I was very surprised because when I asked her for showing breast she answered that if we get her a lift to Velvary she will show breast to us. It was a win for me I tried to get more. I offered her to go longer. She didn’t accept it. For the reason I am a talker I made her show the breast at the hotel only for me for 10 minutes. Tyna accepted my suggestion. We visited the nearest hotel, paid for the room. We went to the room where she showed me her breast. If you want to know if she showed more download this movie. I reveal that there was shown more . In this movie there is one interesting thing that can’t be done by every woman.
Bitch Stop - Tyna