November 2, 2011

Easter holiday came. Great time to play catch and cum with some pretty hitchhiker. Maybe I’ll let her find my…ehm…prince Edward. As always, we rode Czech roads in hope of finding some easy catch, equiped with high spirit, good mood and a lots of „milt“. We managed to find two pretty girls only after few unsuccesful attempts. Both were realy cute and ready to accept our eastern co…ol spanking. I think we gave them a bit scare, since we rode very close with our car and I did the spanking part from window (by the way – that spanking is old easter custom in Czech). Luckily, those chicks weren’t just a pair of dumb goose, who’d flew away at first sign of trouble, crapping in fear on innocent bystandarts. After a while, they even sat in our car, not knowing what two horny easter bunnies like us would like to do with them. Our official initial plan was only to give those two ride on top of nearby hill, so they will be closer to their flat. However, due to exceptional driving skills of my colleauge, we managed to get lost even on such a short track in enviroment, that reminded me of Blair Witch movie. Girls weren’t realy afraid and even asked us to take a walk with them. What can I say? My prince Edward was ready for action. I quickly turned my seduction routine on and began flattering as much as I could. Girls ware pretty, single and a bit drunk. Perfect combination! I prepared a perfect battle plan, containing detailed plans on how to get them to fuck me, but it turned out to be a waste of efford. Those bitches were horny even more then me (if that’s possible). At the end, I had my hands full and had to give camera to my colleague. I think you’ll enjoy this video…
Bitch Stop - Michala