Karmen & Linda

November 2, 2011

This story says our experience when we stopped to 2 beautiful hitchhikers which was in the forest for mushrooms. I saw that one of these girl hold something in her hand for this reason I told Petr to stop them. They asked us if we could give him a lift to the forest. Both girls were very funny and good. They answered my questions. Their names were Linda and Karmen. Karmen came from Slovakia. Linda was Czech. They were very interesting. They revealed that their boyfriend were at home because they need to cut the wood. They decided to go for mushrooms. I asked her if she could show use something. In the beginning they thought that I am joking. I was persuading them to show breast, it is simple. Karmen started to curse like mad. It was seen that she is a traditional Slovakian girl. I like it very much. Linda was pleaser, she didn’t have a problem, and unfortunately Karmen had another opinion. When we came to the forest, I was trying to keep them company and help them. I wasn’t successful. I said good bay and went away. As you know I don’t like living the battle so we went ahead and I decided to try it again. I was approaching to them. In the crossroad they separated up. I was afraid of seeing me. They didn’t noticed that I was there. Karmen went to other way then Linda. It was great I need it.Provided There wasn’t Karmen ………. If you want to know the ending of this story, did I succeeded or were I interrupted by Karmen, download it.
Bitch Stop - Karmen & Linda